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We would like to welcome Yoursciencebc Ltd. as a new EU Tech advocate

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Yoursciencebc Ltd is a UK company based in London since 2019. Yoursciencebc is a technology advisory, which makes technology a business and improve businesses with the most suitable technology.

The company is the beating heart of a worldwide network of knowledge and expertise in the field of R&D, especially in the Aerospace, Biomed and Advanced Materials.

Yoursciencebc contributes to make knowledge and research impactful upon everyone’s lives, promoting and  exploiting technology in a fair and sustainable way, based upon thoughtful R&D carried out for everyone’s benefit.

The company supports startups and research centres, by integrating their R&D projects both with technological and business skills, bridging the gap with the market.

Yoursciencebc also helps enterprises in improving their products, services and processes through technologies, providing them with a high-level technology transfer, scouting and development service.

Thanks to its proprietary methodologies, the company also conducts very granular and quantitative survey on specific technology markets, making the customer aware of all the issues and opportunities.

Yoursciencebc pursues an approach based on knowledge transfer, delivering a consultancy service strongly looking at coaching and training.

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