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4 February – EU Tech Chamber Energy Council – Topic: Achieving SDG7 & 13: Innovative Biomass & Waste Technologies for Energy and Biofuels Production

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Taking economic advantages from cleaning up the world: Low to high-income countries generate lots of biomass, agri-residues and wastes – whether agricultural or municipal solid wastes or any other. In support to make economies more circular, this bears the chance to increase the generation of distributed power and biofuels as well as to optimize the scope and quality of waste management from smaller villages to bigger towns. The additional advantage of new available innovative technologies is that social hazards as well as severe environmental damages (e.g. from burning biomass, dumping waste in landfills and exporting waste to third countries) can be stopped.

To find better ways on how populations in urban and rural areas can improve their quality of life through more clean energy access and expansion of local value chains, the EU Tech Chamber brings together experts from Africa, Asia and Europe to showcase innovative technology & business concepts. As today important decisions on future investments are taken, it is important to understand how we as entrepreneurs can drive the building of new integrated markets and value chains and thereby influence economies & trade for the good of future societies. How can we capture the business opportunities for change and growth? What are the key necessary key steps and specialized domains? And what is expected from public & private leadership today to prepare for future challenges, navigating through technological complexity and enabling them to make sustainable and impactful decisions?

Join our conversation with Ankur Scientific Energy, ECREEE, Rotary Kiln Technologies and TCC-Energy, during our EU Tech Chamber (EUTEC) Digital Energy Investment Panel on Thursday Feb. 04th, 2021 at 9-10:30 am CET to explore modern ways to reduce and to utilize biomass and solid waste for clean energy production and productive new value chains. EU Tech Chairman Florian von Tucher and Energy Director Marcus Wiemann will also join this talk and give the introductions.

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Key Information:

DATE               Thursday, February 4th, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m. – 10.30 am CET 

LOCATION     Zoom Webinar

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