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We would like to welcome “SUMAGO” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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The EU Tech Chamber is delighted to welcome our newly onboard adocate – Sumago!

SUMAGO is a German online marketing agency based in Berlin. SUMAGO has a strong focus on SEO, content marketing and innovative visual concepts that are developed in the SUMAGO-owned WYLDER Motion Studio. SUMAGO also hosts a number of annual events, such as the renowned SEO CAMPIXX and CONTENTIXX conferences taking places every year at the Müggelsee in the south of Berlin, attracting thousands of visitors from the industry.

The agency’s main clientele is SME looking to improve their online presence by means of SEO or content marketing. Starting from 2019, SUMAGO has started to work more intensively in the field of 3D visualizations, 360° video and virtual spaces. This ultimately led to the founding of WYLDER Motion Studio and the creation of the Open Digital City (ODC), a virtual marketing city.

With WYLDER Motion Studio, SUMAGO provides small- and large-scale virtual spaces of identification, ranging from showrooms for small businesses to entire cities. SUMAGO strongly believes that VR is an additional option for the future of websites and one major step for businesses to set themselves apart.

SUMAGO also believes that virtual spaces of identification can help in many ways to support ecological, social and cultural initiatives and we are currently already supporting such initiatives by provides free spaces in the ODC. We are eager to become more invested in this area and to further support achieving the SDG goals.

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