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9 April – EU Tech Chamber Advanced Manufacturing Council – Topic: Importance of Big Data in Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced analytics refers to the application of statistics and other mathematical tools to business data in order to assess and improve practices. In manufacturing, operations managers can use advanced analytics to take a deep dive into historical process data, identify patterns and relationships among discrete process steps and inputs, and then optimize the factors that prove to have the greatest effect on yield. Many global manufacturers in a range of industries and geographies now have an abundance of real-time shop-floor data and the capability to conduct such sophisticated statistical assessments. They are taking previously isolated data sets, aggregating them, and analyzing them to reveal important insights.

The big data era has only just emerged, but the practice of advanced analytics is grounded in years of mathematical research and scientific application. It can be a critical tool for realizing improvements in yield, particularly in any manufacturing environment in which process complexity, process variability, and capacity restraints are present. Indeed, companies that successfully build up their capabilities in conducting quantitative assessments can set themselves far apart from competitors.

The Advanced Manufacturing Council of the EU Tech Chamber takes great pleasure to welcome you to it next Digital Event about “Importance of Big Data in Advance Manufacturing” on Friday April 9th, 2021 starting at 9:00am CET. We will discuss about this interesting topic, providing different expert visions and perspectives.

Register now:

DATE               Friday, April 9, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m.  – 10.30 am CET 

LOCATION     Zoom Webinar

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