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23 April – EU Tech Chamber Environment Council – After Event

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The EU Tech Chamber Environment Council facilitated today a lively and insightful webinar on “Combatting our Waste Problem – Reduce, Reuse Recycle”. We covered the “Making Things Last” project, Scotland’s award-winning Circular Economy Strategy. We learnt about the “One Planet Network”, to see how certain countries are tackling the waste challenges. We were introduced to the role of secondary markets for tracking and trading valuable resources and presented with a case study on a full cycle circular solution using new technologies.

Thanks to EU Tech Chamber Finance Comission Director Manuel Gonzalez Villavecchia for presenting the work of the Chamber, and to our speakers and panelists:

Callum Blackburn
Sonia Valdivia
Lugano Kapembwa
Ana Carvalho

Last, but not least, heartfelt thanks to our all participants for the event. See you next time.

A reminder we have Monthly environment webinars and working group meetings to help with specific matters. To be involved, or informed, you are invited to join the Eu Tech Environment Council group page for easy notification of these opportunities:

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