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We would like to welcome “KFactory” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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KFactory is in the first wave of Industry 4.0 start-ups that innovate the manufacturing industry and optimize a specific core process in all sectors – production line performance management – the most important issue for executives in the manufacturing industry.

KFactory integrates new technologies, such as IoT and Machine Learning into the manufacturing process, transforming the classic process into a new one, in which industrial equipment, orders, operators and support teams are actors in a well-orchestrated digital process.

The integration of artificial intelligence components in the process is truly revolutionary, with KFactory understanding the behavior of variables that influence performance relative to the production process.

The KFactory Core platform collects data from several sources (from equipment, other systems, external events) and analyses them in the context of operator behaviour, detecting risk patterns and notifying decision makers about potential problems.

The collected data is delivered either according to the fast analysis component, which manages the process in real time and detects anomalies, or the advanced analysis component, which includes complex scenarios. The notification of those responsible can be done on several channels (for example: SMS).

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