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We would like to welcome “RVmagnetics” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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RVmagnetics is a sensor R&D company introducing the future of contactless sensing with their smallest passive sensor in the world. The company customizes its own sensing technology for its clients. “Make sense”, as the slogan states mean not only that RVmagnetics developed its own technology and is the manufacturer of the sensor itself, but also brings value for its clients by providing elegant, sustainable solutions that cannot be addressed with conventional sensors.

In contactless – the sensor directly measures pressure, temperature, magnetic field and indirectly also stress-related values, vibrations, 3D positioning etc. Sensor thin and elastic like a human hair produces accurate real-time data directly to a smartphone or ARM chip.

Contactless measuring is based on microwire technology and magnetic fields, with no need to power the sensor. Sensors can withstand harsh acidic and alkaline environments, provide accurate data for a period longer than a lifetime, and survive temperatures up to 600 degrees without losing their accuracy. Sensors can produce accurate data even when placed in a noisy electromagnetic environment.

RVmagnetics offers technology, not a final product. Sensors and the sensing technology are designed to meet the client’s requirements, calibrated for desired ranges and accuracy, and given the size of the technology – it can be embedded to almost any material (carbon/glass composites, ceramics, plastics, concrete, and even human tissue) without affecting its properties or causing defects or need to change the existing industrial design.

Microwire sensors find their use in a wide range of applications and industries. Since 2015 RVmagnetics has signed over 80 NDA’s and has been closely working with 8 European, US, and Asian customers on customization projects. Current use cases involve industrial manufacturing (electric motors, battery, composite materials), medical technologies, civil engineering and transportation areas.

Clients benefited from turning their product/application/materials from regular to smart ones. Thanks to the micro-size of the sensor, low power consumption and contactless sensing clients have been able to:

  • unlock the potential of their product offer

    • improve structural health of their materials in safety critical applications

    • improve manufacturing processes

    • reduce claim costs

    • increase ROI on predictive maintenance

    • or simply predict material defects

RVmagnetics is the technology of choice for clients with requirements so specific, that fail to find the available or accurate solution on the market.

Company founder and CTO Prof. Varga has more than 20 years of experience in fundamental and applied research in magnetism. Prof. Varga published over 200 papers that have been cited over 2200 times (Web of Science, Scopus). He is also a member of the General Counsel at the European Magnetism Association. Backed by a team of 12+ PhDs. educated R&D professionals with a combined experience of more than 30 years cover various aspects of microwires – chemistry, physics, engineering, electronics and also software development.

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