10-26-2008 Lighthouse Nutrition Labs Ltd chooses EMG

Eutech Media Group have been appointed by Lighthouse Nutrition Labs Ltd to supply marketing recommendations based on analysis of media consumption data, actual trends and in-depth market reports.

An $120.000 initial budget is being deployed for the pilot project.

10-17-2008 Contract won for Supacare Services.

With increased competition in the PPC marketplace Supacare Services is looking into brodening their web presence. EMG have been appointed to provide research, analysis and strategies, planning, negotiating, scheduling to the media buys, actual placement of the ads, monitoring of runs, payments and ongoing evaluation.

10-14-2008 Media consulting for ElenLeon Fashion and Marketing.

Developing brand awareness form a new London Fashion house, implementing trategy for generating new leads and increasing sales. Tasked with setting up a projected 2 million impressions per month with our media partners.

10-09-2008 Mustang chooses EMG as marketing partner.

Mustang have choosen Eutech Media Group for a project getting 200 excavators into the market before end of year. A campaign involving national press rather than trade publications will be employed.

Eutech Media Group is a specialized direct marketing group, handling all aspects of advertising, from research, analysis and strategies, planning, Negotiating, scheduling to the media buys, actual placement of the ads, monitoring of runs, payments and ongoing evaluation.

Eutech Media Group is your guardian against advertising that does not work. Ninety nine percent of media sales people want you, the advertiser, to take all the risk. When you become our client we guarantee to reduce your adspending and increase your results. They want you to gamble your hard earned money on media with absolutely no guarantee of results.

EMG provides their clients with access to than 5,000 premium sites and sub-networks. Demographic targeting; Age, gender, deographical, segments, behavioral and more within seconds. With our contextual software platform our customers can trigger ads by site or by keyword and display ads in a relevalt context.

Search and Email solution

Our customers gets highly-qualified search engine traffic with our unique optimization tools for both SEO and paid search and with access to millions of opt-in users from our database will get offers in front of the right clients


PNC Finance, Inc

A comprehensive financial services company that is committed to helping their customers improve long-term financial success.

MMA Pharmacy Online.

To help MMA providing tomorrows Online Pharmacy solutions to US and foreign based outlets, EMG has set up an international team of advisors for the pilot phase.

Bon Vivant Gift and Presents.

Specializes in creating and shipping exceptional gift arrangements all across Canada and is pertenering with EMG on media campaigns with 2 mio impressions a month.

National Wholesaler and Distributors Association (NWDA) announced an exclusive partnership with Eutech Media Group. This will give NWDA members direct access to EMG's vast publisher network and expertice in demographic targeting.

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