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19 February – EU Tech Chamber IoT Council – Topic: AI on the Edge Device

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To find the right architecture for a IoT solution is a hard task. You always must find the right balance between the edge, the sensor and/or gateway near to the process you want to monitor and the central system for example a cloud. It is to be considered out of different angels. Among others there is the available edge hardware, the way to communicate, the frequency and cost of communication, the need to learn on the edge.

AI is a big promise to solve problems where the solution is not known upfront. It creates the ability to learn out of data. The idea is to put AI capabilities on the edge device to react very fast on changing situation near to the sensors.

How do you develop such a system, which pitfalls you should take of?  Join the EU Tech IoT Council Digital Panel on February 19th Friday 9am – 10:30 am (CET) on “AI on the Edge Device”.

Do not the miss the opportunity and register here:

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DATE               Friday, February 19, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m. CET 

LOCATION     Zoom Webinar

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