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We would like to welcome “Meerflasche” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Meerflasche GmbH is a young and dynamic socio-ecological start-up based in Berlin on a mission to reduce waste by eliminating more than 320 single-use bottles and cups per person per year! Meerflasche GmbH has developed a unique long-lasting, reusable and thus sustainable multifunctional bottle with an innovative 3-in-1 technology (patent-pending) aiming to alleviate environmental pollution caused by disposable single-use bottles and cups and raise the awareness of companies and individuals for environment protection.

With its products 100% manufactured in Switzerland, Meerflasche’s core competences are the organization of outsourcing activities, such as production and fulfilment, further development of the product and accessories, controlling, marketing and key account acquisition.

With UNDA, 190 disposable bottles and 130 disposable cups per person and year can be avoided. In addition to this ZERO WASTE goal, Meerflasche also pursues CIRCULAR ECONOMY by complying with Ecodesign guidelines. With its work and the use of UNDA, they are helping to achieve the SDG goals Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Sustainable Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13), Life Underwater (14), Life on Land (15) and Partnerships to Achieve the Goals (17).

Meerflasche inspires its customers with stylish, sustainable and multifunctional UNDA design and the good feeling of making a meaningful contribution to the sustainable avoidance of environmentally harmful disposable bottles and cups. 

“It is important not only to think about our personal ecological footprint, but also to take an active role in everyday life. With the help of unda we can prevent the use of single-use bottles and cups, and acting more sustainably can even save money” – Stephan Mangold Founder and CEO of Meerflasche.

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