Technology Obliges


Technology Oblliges

Who Are alliance

EU Tech Chamber’s Alliances are groups specially formed to gather companies under the able leadership of Directors and Coordinators to enable European companies to use technology on behalf of present and future generations to foster an inclusive, multi-faceted and prospering society. Alliances are further separated into International, Impact and Tech, to allow Advocates to engage with specific enterprises according to their requirements.

Commission of Innovation

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EU TECH Chamber’s Mobility Alliance strives for a system change in mobility, solving problems by using new technologies in relevant sectors.

The IoT Alliance builds up new intelligent solutions based on the Internet of Things. Regardless of the terminal devices used and no matter if it is industrial or private surrounding, the IoT Alliance´s mission is to help make the world smarter.

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Manufacturing Alliance supports its members by exposing industries’ tech trends information, to demonstrate digitally infused operations for productivity improvements, creating sustainable and profitable growth.

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Digital Transformation Alliance fosters innovation and business opportunities for European technology which enables European and international businesses to collaborate to use their technologies for the benefit of our planet!

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Smart Cities are where the people meet digital revolution in our modern cities and rural areas. This rise comes with a lot of positive perspectives incorporating digital inclusion - ensuring equitable access to new technologies for participation in social and economic life, including education, social services and health. The goal of the Smart Cities Alliance is not only to increase businesses, but also to reach the SDGs by encouraging and advancing technology solutions.

Commission of Sustainability

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EUTECH’s SDG Alliance is your ally in creating a global impact! The alliance aims to empower companies to understand the long-term SDG impact and encourage the integration of the SDGs into their strategy, culture, and operations.

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The WiT Alliance activities center on mentorship, funding opportunities, and STEM scholarships for women and girls. Build a network of women in tech championing for more investments in women-led startups, mentorship, and inclusion of women in the tech workspace at the WiT Alliance.

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We believe the business community has a key role to play in preventing climate change, averting environmental crisis, and unlocking the potential of sustainable growth. We are determined to contribute, and that is why we have committed to Tech solutions, net zero tech, and sustainable transformation.

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The Energy Alliance constitutes the exchange of information, promotion and commercialization of advanced and promising technological projects in the field of energy efficiency and gradual transition to the use of renewable energy sources instead of fossil raw materials.

EUTECH’s Climate Action Alliance aims to educate, advocate, and build coalitions in order to raise awareness, generate action, and impact policy to make the world a better place.

Commission of Cooperation

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The APAC Alliance provides support for economic development and business opportunities for its members, fostering cooperation between the regional countries. The aim of this alliance is to facilitate cooperation and understanding between public and private companies .

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Africa Alliance’s activities improve policy interventions in line with our goal of making European companies more competitive in Africa and taking advantage of international cooperation, the Africa Alliance provides its support for successful market.

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The goal of the LATAM Alliance is to strengthen the relationships among companies and promote the common interests of the region. To drive further growth, development, and competitiveness in the economies of its members, the Americas Alliance focuses on achieving greater well-being .

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In line with our goal of making European companies more competitive, Finance Alliance provides its support to companies to find the resources needed to compete and to identify the right partners to achieve their growth and expansion plans.

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The Food, Farming & Fisheries Alliance works to achieve a food supply for Europe, and other parts of the world, that is characterized by a combination of modern and digital tech as well as by respect for natural resources. We support European agriculture, food production / processing and fisheries in their efforts to grow more sustainably with more competitive solutions.