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24 February – EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Council – After Event

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The EU Tech Chamber‘s Smart Cities Panel on the topic “On Circular Economy in Smart Cities” was incredibly informative and remains a huge success.

During today’s session, we explored the impacts Cities has had on waste and greenhouse gas emissions and how uniquely placed they are to facilitate the transition to a Circular Economical Model. Additionally, we expressed the critical role of how technology, innovators and businesses play, in tackling waste and mitigating CO2 emissions. Throughout the discussion, it was evident that to tackle the challenges; there needs to be a multisectoral approach involving all relevant stakeholders to help make cities sustainable.

It is with great thanks to our panellists Laurène Descamps, Petros Timotheou and Renato Galli who superbly provided insights into the role of how a Circular Economical Model can help transform cities to reduce waste. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Smart Cities Council.

Also thank you to our MC Laura Preising the Director of our Smart Cities Council and Stefan Stempian,  EU Tech Chamber Board Member, for the instructive introduction of EU Tech Chamber.

Last but not least, sincere thanks to all of our participants. It was a pleasure to receive so much positive feedback. Thank you all for your attendance and participation. Stay tuned for our next Smart Cities Panel in March, for which you can already register on the link below!

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