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15 April – EU Tech Chamber Digital Transformation Council – Topic: The Importance of the Right Mindset in Digital Transformation

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Leadership principles and organizational structures which were a good fit in the industrial age do not cover arising requirements from the digital age. Job positions are shifting to roles and responsibilities which are flexible and adequate for a specific situation. Future digital organizations are networks with equal nodes instead of hierarchical structures with a few people leading a large number of employees. With the market dynamics where a new wave of digitalization is changing the rules of the game in which entire industries continuing to evolve, what is the right mindset to implement digital transformation?

Technology is enabling individuals and organizations alike in their business execution. Innovation cycles are compressing requiring straight technology adoption in companies and thus short decision processes. Furthermore, graduated-and-done jobs are outdated. Employees need to adopt to mastery of roles requesting a continuous learning attitude, which is an important ingredient of a digital mindset apart from the willing to experimentation and innovation. Often innovation means a combination of already known concepts, but in a different suite and mode. Growing the mindset and willingness to personal development will increasingly determine the future leader in the digital age.

The EU Tech Chamber Digital Transformation Council takes great pleasure to invite you to the Digital Panel on the 15th of April at 9 am CET on “The Importance of the Right Mindset in Digital Transformation”. We will cover amazing topics such as: what is the structure of roles and responsibilities into the future, trust and transparency as a foundation of leadership, the difference between hierarchical vs. empowered team structures, purpose and values role in future of work, changes and adapting L&D to meet new workplace needs, impact on innovation & experimentation, personal development and leveraging diversity?

Do not miss the opportunity and register to this event to join us in our new Virtual Technology Center:

DATE               Thursday, April 15, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m.  – 10.30 am CET 

LOCATION     Zoom Webinar

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