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We would like to welcome “SmartBee Club” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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SmartBee Club Ltd. is an EdTech startup founded in 2019, seated in Poland.  The core business model is subscription-based. SmartBee Club provides well designed immersive STEM learning experience for children age 6-12, powered by Augmented Reality technology, offered along with an innovative product line – boxes filled with unconventional experiments. 

Delivered monthly in the subscription model, each box contains all the necessary components plus lots of science facts and curiosities. Knowledge is delivered with in the use of mixed tools like books, videos or quizzes.

SmartBee Club offers also special sets dedicated to schools or children’s activity clubs. Each set consists of experiments to be performed in larger groups of students on 10 working stations. A range of experiment sets is also offered in the form of stand-alone products. Science Kits are designed by scientists, PhDs, from the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The main purpose of the SmartBee Club project is to explain in a creative and non-standard way the phenomena of everyday life and translate them into the laws of physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology and programming.

Augmented reality applied in its solution stimulates the learner for deeper understanding and better processing of information. SmartBee Club combines learning and having fun!

Find out more via this Youtube Video and the SmartBee Club Website as well:

SmartBee Club Website

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