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5 August – EU Tech Chamber Energy Council – Topic: Transforming Industries with Hydrogen Technologies

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Welcome to explore a healthy world with abundant healthy energy on demand in which energy efficiency is no longer an issue. Already today, fuel cell buses can replace diesel buses one for one due to range, flexibility and refueling time. Why should this not be possible with other transport sectors? If you look at larger bus fleets, refueling infrastructure is cheaper and less complex then battery charging infrastructure. You don’t need complex managing software that tells you which bus can be recharged at what time and which bus can be deployed on which route. Depending on your route profile and deployment area, fuel cell buses could be the cheaper option (no extra buses, no extra drivers, no extra parking space). This is one example of how zero-emission energy and mobility are possible with healthy hydrogen that can be produced locally and environmentally friendly. 

This decade an unprecedented transformation of industries such as metro, trains and buses, hydrogen fuel cell cars, aviation, domestic heating, uninterruptable power supplies, and many more industries that solve both climate & health issues has to take place. What is needed to accelerate these transformations? What will be the winning carrier that we use to move around these clean molecules that store energy and transform into electrons or heat? Liquid hydrogen, ammonia, power paste? 

Join our conversation during our Energy Council Digital Panel on Thursday, 5th August from 9.00 – 10.30 o’clock CEST to explore a healthy world with abundant healthy energy on demand in which energy efficiency is no longer an issue. Energy Council Director Marcus Wiemann will join this talk and give the introductions.

DATE               Thursday, August, 5, 2021

TIME                09:00 – 10.30 am CEST 

LOCATION     EU Tech Virtual Center

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