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We would like to welcome “ESGeo” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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ESGeo is a Techedge Group company, founded in 2019 to manage sustainability issues through technology.

With a presence in Europe, Latam and the USA, ESGeo proposes as a specialized player for the integrated management of non-financial data within business processes. By combining the group’s technological competences with managerial skills from the world of finance and sustainability, ESGeo is at the forefront in supporting companies in their ESG Digital Governance processes.

ESGeo offers an integrated cloud application to easily and nimbly manage the entire value chain of the Environmental, Social and Governance factors through the monitoring, collection, management, securing and reporting of non-financial data.

The ESGeo platform allows companies to collect non-financial data, create detailed sustainability reports, define budgets and monitor aggregated results even at the business-unit or individual manager level, optimizIng their supply portfolio in terms of sustainability. With ESGeo, organizations gain the ability to identify and measure the impacts of ESG factors, comparing the current positioning with respect to objectives, competitors and market best practices.

Equipped with a structured workflow developed to ensure data traceability, it allows to increase the managers’ involvement in achieving corporate sustainability goals and improve communication with external stakeholders – including investors, rating agencies and financial institutions.

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