Technology Obliges


Technology Oblliges

Who Are Partners

Our Partners, key players in the realm of European technology and the chamber’s strategic partners, are leaders committed to sustainable development. They bolster our mission and vision, engaging actively within the Chamber’s membership framework. Through their participation in our initiatives and events, they contribute not just locally but also help connect globally, echoing the chambers global ethos. Their involvement in our partner programs and professional networking fosters the promotion of European technologies. This synergy between our leadership team and our advocates is pivotal in developing solutions that align with our strategic technology partnership goals, driving meaningful change in responsible technology.

Benefits for you?

Through our multifunctional networking programs, we help to create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges faced in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Networking Opportunities

With over 1,800 partners, EUTECH provides you with amazing networking possibilities through technology to help them expand their connections.

Partner Programs

Empower partners with growth subsidies and unlock grants for SDG-aligned activities, supporting startups and SMEs in their journey towards sustainable development.

Why Become an EUTECH Partner?

Connection to an International Network

+1800 Partners and Companies

Explore the Company Virtual Booths & Connect

Organise Events and Matchmaking Sessions

Past Event Recordings & Speakers Database

Training Certificate Program & Hosting setup