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Partner Program


Partner Programs

Our partners are leaders in the field of technology who support our vision and mission of encouraging sustainable development. They participate in our events, initiatives, programs and contribute to our publications to create meaningful change towards sustainable development and responsible technology. At EUTECH, we proudly offer three distinct partner programs, providing diverse avenues for our valued partners to contribute and actively participate in shaping a sustainable future.


The “Innovator” partnership model is tailored for individuals or startups at the onset of their career or business journey. Innovators are distinguished by their novel ideas, dedication to technological innovation, and enthusiasm for exploring new frontiers in technology. This phase offers them a platform to nurture their vision, connect with peers, and gain insights from seasoned community members. Innovators are the lifeblood of the organization, injecting vitality and fresh perspectives crucial for ongoing rejuvenation and progress.


The “Ambassador” category targets established companies recognized as trailblazers in their domains. These firms have carved out a reputation for delivering innovative solutions and consistently upholding social responsibility in the tech sector. As Ambassadors, they significantly influence industry trends, share their wealth of knowledge and experience, and champion sustainable, ethical practices. They are not just leaders within the organization but also in the broader industry, actively shaping the future of technology for societal benefit.


The “Senator” role is accorded to companies and individuals distinguished by extraordinary achievements in life and business. These are industry leaders renowned not just for their professional success but also for their enduring commitment and substantial contributions to technological and social advancement. As Senators, they play a pivotal role in guiding the organization’s strategic direction and stand as beacons of inspiration and exemplars for other members. They spearhead pioneering initiatives and steer the technology sector, consistently prioritizing excellence, innovation, and social accountability.


We enable our advocates and supporters to become more competitive and empower them with access to subsidy solutions and resources that will allow them to achieve their growth objectives. Subsidies provide them the much-needed support to expand operations within a budget, reducing costs which would normally hamper their endeavors. Contact us for more information on getting subsidy.

Our Grants

We offer our advocates and supporters grant opportunities provided their activities are practically contributing towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This program is beneficial to startups and SMEs who show potential for taking their operations to the next level. Contact us for more information about grants.

Get Featured in Tech Flash Video

Our advocates can get free marketing videos created by the EU Tech production team. These promotional & informative videos, made by an expert global marketing team, will enable advocate companies to increase their engagement and visibility, improving the ability to attract a wider audience. Contact us for a promotional video.

Create a Virtual Company Booth

Our advocates get access and credentials to their virtual booths on the EU Virtual Tech Centre to hold meetings, events, exhibitions and more. This enables separate meetings with likeminded companies and advocates to further discuss opportunities and solutions.

Climate Action Certification

Our advocates can apply to get an official certificate that will accredit them as a climate-friendly organization committed to working towards the sustainable development through advancement of the climate-friendly technology.