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2021 – Finance Alliance

It is an important moment for Europe and the whole world as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccination campaigns have accelerated throughout Europe and businesses Start to show modest signs of recovery. However, we must be cautious.

Europe made significant efforts in 2020, but we need to think big and do even more. The private sector should implement the necessary measures to allow us to take European companies to a higher level. It should not only be about recovery from the Covid crisis but also about setting the foundation of a robust European business structure so that we can compete with our US and Chinese peers. We have identified a few areas where the private sector could lead by example:

For businesses that are still struggling and are in risk of insolvency or similar, we are very much in favor of a more flexible approach from European financial institutions Lo extend their lifeline f there are clear viability studies to back such financial support.


10 Key Recommendations for Europe’s Finance Industry