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Additive Minds Academy – Taking Analogue Classrooms to the Digital World!

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Starting date of project: 2019

Duration: Present

Additive Minds Academy is the EOS education provider for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. They enable people and organizations worldwide to use the potential of industrial 3D printing for responsible manufacturing. In cooperation with renowned partners, Additive Minds Academy has developed a comprehensive online training program to optimize onboarding processes and accelerate your knowledge buildup at the forefront of additive manufacturing innovation. Their portfolio consists of online courses for all levels of expertise.

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During the last three years, the company disrupted the areas of training, learning and knowledge by taking the content from analogue classrooms to the digital world. They created up to 100% online learning in blended learning concepts for eight different job roles within additive manufacturing.

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The biggest challenge is that the company faced was to create awareness – especially during Covid when you have no fairs and no appropriate digital event to reach manual thinking & acting customer.

Their aim is to reduce emissions and usage of natural resources and cut down the time to solve problems which will result in cost saving, speed of production  and speed in education & scaling. Moreover, they plan to combine all benefits from industry 4.0 to save our environment and give our minds freedom of creativity by eliminating recurring manual processes by artificial intelligence and serve you individually with the portion of knowledge & learning you need to proceed.

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