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EU Tech Forum 2023: A Showcase of Sustainable Tech Innovation through Collaboration

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A few days ago, in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, the European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, policymakers and tech enthusiasts from across Europe and beyond, for an all-day extravaganza centred around innovation, sustainability and collaboration. The first of its kind from EUTECH, this year’s forum exceeded expectations, setting the stage for what is intended to serve as a promising future for the annual EU Tech Forum.

Introduced by EUTECH Chairman Florian von Tucher, the event kicked off with three keynote speeches that set the tone for the day. First was Cardinal Peter Turkson of the Vatican Church, who highlighted the importance of addressing global environmental challenges as technology continues to progress. He stressed on the value of reflection when it comes to sustainability. And most importantly, how it is “innovation of the heart” that is indeed the most central to the innovation within humanity and attitudes that enable this sustainability to become a reality.

Second, was Mr. Moritz Körner, a prominent member of the European Parliament, known for his dedication to digital transformation and public service. He too, delivered a compelling address that served as part-warning, part-reminder for a more prosperous Europe.
“We must be careful not to become a popular holiday paradise and open-air museum for the world,” he proclaimed. “The old continent of Europe must not actually be forgotten in the progress of the future. Therefore, we must do more, indeed also with an innovation agenda for Europe.”

Then, it was Mr. Dieter Härthe who took the stage – Chairman of the Senate of Economy International, and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Senegal. He warmly welcomed all the participants and expressed his pleasure about the coming together of this active “community of values” that is the EUTECH and what it stands for.

Thereafter, each session comprised of 3 ‘Tech-Talk’ Speakers – who delivered compelling presentations based on their expertise and experience – followed by a panel discussion, in which active discussions and insightful exchange of viewpoints took place.

The ‘Innovation’ session had Thomas Koehler, Michal Ukropec and Nadine Chochoiek as the speakers, and Marina Moskvina, Dr. Richard Vestner, Prof. Julia Finkeissen, Schirin Lucie Richter and Dr. Tobias Orthen as panellists. Each of these individuals – specialists in their fields and forward-thinkers with invaluable insight – highlighted the importance of innovation for progress and its current and future implementation across the board.

The ‘Sustainability’ session featured speakers Florian Huber, Sibylle Zavala, and Till A. Kaestner, and a panel comprising Dr. Martina aus der Beek, Frank Biegansky, Thomas Schmid, Gerd Kerkhoff, and Ronny Krutzsch. These sustainability experts, each with their earned knowledge and perceptions, were able to add a dimension to the previous session that opened the audiences’ eyes to various meanings of sustainability and how to achieve it.

Last, but certainly not least, was the ‘Cooperation’ session. Speakers Deepa Gautam-Nigge, Dr. Claudio Longo, and Wolfgang Schulz, and panellists Bernd Mattner, Henning von Stein, Raphael Schranz, Sebastian Hasenack and Laura Schulte, secured the final piece of the Tech & Lederhose puzzle. Cooperation is indeed of paramount importance in fostering harmonious relationships, whether at the interpersonal, community, national, or international level. No technological development, innovative genius or sustainable progress could be made possible without it. And this topic was indeed a strong one to end on.

The closing ceremony of the EU Tech Forum 2023 was dedicated to celebrating the commitment of those striving to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thousands of entrants later, there were just a handful of winners who emerged to win the EUTECH SDG Awards. And they were those exemplary individuals, along with their respective teams, who dedicate their time and lives to improving the lives of those around them. Sierra von Tucher, Executive Director of EUTECH, led this global recognition and presented the awards to the winners, present – including some who had flown in from South America and Africa.

Overall, the EU Tech Forum 2023 was a resounding success, inspiring optimism for the future of technology, as well as the EU’s commitment to fostering innovation, digital transformation, and sustainable growth within the region. As innovation continues to thrive and policies evolve, the EU is well-positioned to play a leading role in shaping the global tech landscape, ensuring that it remains innovative, sustainable, and inclusive. With each passing year, this event plans to reaffirm the EU’s commitment to advancing technology for the benefit of its citizens and the world.

About the European Technology Chamber

The EU Tech Chamber is a dedicated organization committed to aiding technology firms in their expansion and global competitiveness, with a particular focus on Europe. Their primary objective is to foster constructive discussions among technology experts and industry leaders, with the aim of devising innovative solutions that address the challenges associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By joining as members, individuals and companies can avail themselves of valuable networking prospects and the promotion of their technological breakthroughs. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this organization, you can find more information on their website at where they offer detailed insights.

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