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Navigating the Intersection of Sustainability and Competitiveness: Insights from EUTECH’s ‘Themenreisen’

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Last Tuesday, on the 24th of October, in the historic building ‘Wolkenburg’ located within the old city district of Cologne, the European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) hosted its kickoff event for the series called “Themenreisen: Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Nachhaltigkeit” – which translates to “Competitiveness through Sustainability”.

In essence, the stated aim of this series is to prepare German Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for the incorporation of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) aspects, and to support them in strengthening their unique competitiveness advantage, via a sustainable orientation. With a 6-fold vision, EUTECH has identified the key takeaways for taking part in ‘Themenreisen’:

  • Recognising opportunities
  • Promoting innovation
  • Maximising advantages
  • Evaluating risks
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Building resilience

The day kicked off with Florian von Tucher, Chairman of EUTECH, giving an opening speech, including an introduction to the organisation, the topic and his idea for its inception. Next up on stage, was Georg-Viktor Prinz zu Bentheim-Steinfurt, who said a few words; his contribution added a distinguished touch to an already enriching start. The event was very well attended, with an additional 200 having logged-in virtually to watch live.

Sponsored by Ernst & Young (EY), the Kerkhoff Group and the M&P Group, the lineup of keynote speakers included representatives from these companies: Florian Huber of EY Andreas Dölecke of Kerkhoff, and Isabell Lopez Alguiar and Marius Raabe of the M&P Group. Each individual, as experts in the larger fields of sustainability and competitiveness, shared invaluable insights through insightful presentations. Their collective expertise illuminated pivotal topics, such as productivity, innovation and strategies, providing attendees with a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives.

After a short coffee break and networking intermission, a panel discussion took place, featuring professionals Anett Barsch – Head of Real Estate Project Development at Swiss Life Asset Managers Germany, Martin Dornieden – CEO of the Dornieden Group, Matthias Wieschemeyer – Managing Partner at M&P Energy, Gerd Kerkhoff – CEO at Kerkhoff Consulting and Marie C. Dollhofer – Director ESG, Strategy & Transactions at EY. By expounding upon their respective experiences and discoveries, their exchange and Q&A session covered various facets of sustainability; green technologies, environmental strategies, supply chains and reporting, including the profound impacts.

Attendees were left with a trove of valuable knowledge and a heightened awareness of the critical intersection between sustainability and competitiveness, and beyond. The collective insights shared, and dynamic discussions had, truly elevated the event, and set a promising tone for future engagements within this critical arena.

About Themenreisen

“Themenreisen” is EUTECH’s Event-Series “Competitiveness Through Sustainability”. Its objective is to prepare German SMEs for ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) aspects and to support them in strengthening their competitiveness through a sustainable orientation. This first-class speaker events focuses on 6 precisely formulated questions, which are answered in a solution-oriented manner, by respected speakers with extensive expertise. You can find more information about the series, including the upcoming events here: Themenreisen

About the European Technology Chamber

The EU Tech Chamber is a dedicated organisation committed to aiding technology firms in their expansion and global competitiveness, with a particular focus on Europe. Their primary objective is to foster constructive discussions among technology experts and industry leaders, with the aim of devising innovative solutions that address the challenges associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By joining as members, individuals and companies can avail themselves of valuable networking prospects and the promotion of their technological breakthroughs. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this organization, you can find more information on their website at EUTech where they offer detailed insights.

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