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Green Product Award

Nanopool’s brilliant NP® technology serves SDG15, Life on Land, as a sustainable protection solution for the agricultural sector using naturalness, easy cleaning, longer product lifespan and green alternatives to change known solutions. They hope to fully integrate bio-compatible barrier layer to increase capability of protecting seeds, plants as well as crops against biotic and abiotic stress in a very natural way. This treatment significantly reduces pesticides, fungicides or herbicides that are released into the soil and thus into the entire ecosystem during conventional arable farming, while at the same time increasing the crop yield. With their approach they support several SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at the same time, by reducing the use of chemicals, improves the condition of the arable land and preserves biodiversity (SDG 15, Life on Land). This also improves the water quality in the long term (SDG6, Clean Water). The health of nature and animals automatically has a positive effect on human health (SDG3, Good Health) – after all, some of the most toxic pesticides have long been detected in human tissue. And with the simultaneous increase of crop yields, (SDG1, No Poverty) and (SDG2, Zero Hunger) are also driven forward. Their technology has a wide range of use for hygiene purposes in industries, construction/architecture, foodtech, homes and offices besides agri use.


Nanopool has won multiple awards for their innovative and sustainable solution, Green Product Award, Best of 2022, Green World’s Award Winner 2022, EU Tech Chamber’s SDG AWARDS 2021 for SDG15 and the Golden Green Ambassador Award 2020 besides a host of other Awards, recognizing their achievements.


They believe that the fundamental difficulty that new ideas must face on the market is the fact that innovations often threaten to displace established products and methods. In many sectors, visionary companies are in opposition to a lobby of long-established market leaders who, despite all sustainability concerns, have to defend their position out of financial interests. Nanopool thinks, top companies and lobbies who have usually established a lot of power in politics and business, are a huge obstacle to all innovation.


The aim of Nanopool is to enable production that can be implemented quickly in all regions of the world without additional costs and CO2 emissions from transport. This can be made possible by a decentralized approach with the transfer of knowledge and licenses to local partners. The uncomplicated and safe application without additional equipment also makes the solution affordable for regions with little financial resources. Partnerships, business networking and increased investment can increase usage of their technology globally.  Nanopool’s approach is to meet challenges in such a way that they also offer solutions to other topics. Their application for plants and crops for example makes it possible to practice agriculture that maintains soil health and biodiversity on the one hand, and at the same time strengthens plant growth and thus increases harvests, which in result fights hunger and poverty.

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Nanopool Product Demonstration EN – YouTube

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