Technology Obliges

April 21, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Digital Transformation Alliance – Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Transformation

Very successful EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Digital Transformation Alliance Digital Panel on the topic “Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Digital Transformation” successfully kicked off today. Exciting discussions, many comments and questions, different points of view, and a lot of experiences and knowledge shared!
Sincere thanks for such a great webinar to our panelists, Melina TaprantziEvelyn NgatiaMark Kane, and Rudinov Vincent for sharing your valuable knowledge on the “Importance of Innovation in Digital Transformation”. It was a pleasure to have you!
Thank you Nedzad Piric, MBA, Ph.D candidate for the insightful introduction and hosting the webinar and Serdar Yucel for a wonderful Introduction to the core of EU Tech.
Stay tuned for our next webinar on May 19th about the “Implementing Digital Transformation – Success and Failure Stories”.

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