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July 8, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Environment Alliance – Hydrogen Technologies and Global Energy Transformation

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Environment Alliance had a very interesting webinar on the topic “Hydrogen Technologies and Global Energy Transformation”.

Within today’s session, we talked about how the global energy transformation is now a reality, and if we try to identify its underlying causes, we find global warming, lack of combustible fossil fuels, sustainable growth, reduction in production costs of renewable fuels, electrification and technological progress as some of the main drivers behind it.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier will play an important role in the decarbonization of multiple industries. However, alone will not stop climate change. What we need most for a successful energy transition is rapid growth in renewables overall, alongside an expansion of the grid to transport renewable electricity to consumer regions.

Promoted by The EU Tech Chamber and the Environment Alliance, today’s Digital Talk aimed to analyze how despite all of the geopolitical risks that the energy transition entails, it offers immense opportunities for traditional exporters of energy, importers and new suppliers. It is an effort that will require deeper international trade relations, technology transfers and a political framework to ensure that a successful energy transition leaves no one behind.

Biggest thanks to our two keynote speaker, Daniel Porzel- Fang for your informed insights and reflections on these crucial topic, to our panelists our panelist Damani Thomas and Arjun Mehta. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Digital talks.

Thank you to María Alejandra Pulido Pulido Director of the Environment Alliance, for the moderation, Serdar Yucel Director of Mobility Alliance for the instructive EUTECH’s introduction.

The most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, compliments and questions – Stay tuned for our next Environment Alliance Panel on August 5th, about
“Environmental Packaging and Recycling Solutions”

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