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November 18, 2022 (CET) @ 9:00 AM

IoT Alliance – Autonomous Driving or More General IoT in Mobility

EU Tech Chamber IoT Alliance held one more enlightening webinar on Nov 18, 2022. The topic of this digital talk was, “Autonomous Driving or more General IoT in Mobility”

Joyce Mariel – Coordinator EU Tech Chamber, was the moderator of this webinar. She welcomed the distinguished speakers: Riaan Rautenbach – CEO of LIVE FR8 with broad international management experience the food industry, Clemens Deyerling – CMO omobi and Marek Strzelczyk – General Manager Narwhal data solutions.

All the panelists shared their valuable insights on this topic and answered many interesting questions asked by the moderator and attendees of this webinar.

Our keynote speakers Riaan Rautenbach came up with his interesting presentation. He informed the audience about the issues with autonomous driving as well as the solutions. He introduced the LIVE FR8 application, an online marketplace for the fragmented and incredibly ineffective cargo transport systems.

Clemens Deyerling shared his valuable thoughts while persuading the panelists that digitalization may assist us to transform the mobility issue, especially in rural areas.

Marek Strzelczyk also voiced his understanding on the key challenges in big data processing when it comes to talking about the mobility sector and said that technical solutions are there to tackle these challenges.

Promoted by The EU Tech Chamber and the IoT Alliance, this Digital Talk intended to highlight that there is a need for reforming the transportation policies immediately, because demographic change and—most importantly—climate change offer us significant obstacles, particularly in rural areas.

Biggest thanks to our honorable speakers: Riaan Rautenbach, Clemens Deyerling and Marek Strzelczyk for your informed insights and reflections on this conclusive topic to our panelists. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our upcoming networking meeting.

Thank you, Joyce Mariel, for moderating the event and for presenting Tree Certificates to our speakers.

Most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, compliments, and questions.

Stay tuned for our next IoT Alliance Panel on December 9 about
“IoT and the Circular Economy”

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