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July 19, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Mobility Alliance – How to Ensure Equity in Mobility?

On Tuesday 19th July 2022, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Mobility Alliance held a successful Digital Talk on the topic “How to ensure equity in mobility.”

Bob McQueen: CEO at Bob McQueen and Associates, moderated this event. The webinar begins with a warm welcome Bernd Mattner, Board Member of the EU Tech Chamber, Chair of Mobility Alliance EU Tech Chamber.

Benedikt Grütz, Board Member of EU Tech and Director of the DACH Alliance, introduced the vision and services of EU Tech Chamber to the panelists.

The webinar offered an insightful discussion that what we can do to achieve equity in mobility. How do we globally ensure the affordability and accessibility of mobility that gets us from A to B? Mobility is not good per se – how can we balance people-centric mobility between community and personal optimums? What are the economic implications of this new mobility in the context of climate change and job creation?

Indulging into the discussion, panelist, Andy Palanisamy: Director for Smart Cities/Innovations at Parsons, shared some interesting data from the historical background of transportation. “The cost of AVs remains prohibitive for mass adoption, and we see this technology to seep in slowly starting with rental, delivery fleets, etc.,” he said.

While panelist Floridea Di Ciommo: Co-director at cambiaMO emphasized that equity in mobility should not be taken in account for technical issues only, but we should keep social factors in mind also. “In a context inaccessibility and segregation, the forms of clamming to peruse everyday life activities is translated into statements in dissatisfaction in mobility surveys or into more virulent street protests.” She said.

Panelist Yoram Shiftan: Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Technion highlighted that policy makers have to take various equity measures to increase the likelihood that the projects selected will enhance the equity. “There is a need for a shift in the way we plan transportation systems and evaluate them,” he stated.

Lastly, panelist Ammar Safi: Engineer & Team Leader at Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure UAE, discussed some of the SDG target of UN for transportation. “We are working closely with the UN to provide safe, accessible, and sustainable transport system for all with special attention to the needs of women, children and persons with disabilities,” he said.

The webinar concluded with the distribution of tree certificates to the webinar’s panelist webinar by Serdar Yucel, Director of Mobility Alliance at EUTECH, appreciating their active participation.

Stay tuned for up-and-coming events and activities by EU Tech Chamber Mobility Alliance on August 16, 2022

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