Technology Obliges

March 16, 2023 (CET) @ 9:00 AM

SDG Alliance -How Technology is Changing Waste Management?

Waste management has been a crucial issue for governments and societies for many years. However, with the rise of new technologies, the approach to waste management is rapidly changing. Technology has provided new and innovative ways to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment.

To take a closer look, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) SDG Alliance organized a webinar on March 16, 2023. The topic under discussion was, “How Technology is Changing Waste Management?”

The webinar started off with a brief overview of the organization and a formal introduction of the panelists by Mr. Osama Ali, who is the coordinator of the SDG Alliance.

The three panelists who participated in today’s event were:

·        Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla, Coordinator of Climate Resilience Initiative at United Nations University, Belgium,
·        Mr. Rajeshwar Bachu, CEO & Founder of Zero-Carbon and Co-founder of 42hacks,
·        Mr. Alhassan Baba Muniru, Sustainability Consultant, SDG Youth Advocate, and a researcher.

During the webinar, the speakers delved into how technology is revolutionizing waste management. They highlighted alternative ways to make energy more environmentally friendly, such as through the use of renewable energy sources and advanced waste-to-energy technologies. They also emphasized the significance of a circular economy, which involves minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Another key topic discussed during the webinar was the importance of wastewater management, as it has a significant impact on public health and the environment. The speakers highlighted the use of innovative technologies, such as nanotechnology, to improve wastewater treatment processes and reduce the negative environmental impact.

In their closing remarks, the speakers emphasized that the integration of technology is essential for the betterment of the planet. They emphasized the importance of teaching future generations about the significance of good tech/waste management practices to ensure a sustainable future. They also stressed that by implementing innovative technologies, we can make a positive impact on the environment, reduce waste, and conserve valuable resources for future generations.

We want to thank our respectable speakers for their informed insights on this much-needed topic. Moreover, special thanks to Mr. Osama Ali for moderating the webinar and distributing Tree-Certificates to the panelists.

Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comments, compliments, and questions. Stay tuned for our next SDGs Alliance webinar on April 13, 2023, about “Sustainable Initiatives to Eliminate Malnutrition”.

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