Technology Obliges

May 3, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Smart Cities Alliance – Smart Cities Implementation – Success and Failure Stories

With many registered attendees the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Smart Cities Alliance held a Digital Panel on the topic “Smart Cities Implementation – Success and Failure Stories” successfully kicked off 03rd May. Exciting discussions, many comments and questions, different points of view, and a lot of experiences and knowledge shared!

Sincere thanks to Nikola MaksimcukGregory Engelbrecht , Gökhan Yildirim and Bengt Olsson for such a great webinar to our panelists, and for sharing your valuable experience and knowledge. It was a pleasure to have you!

Thank you Nedzad Piric, MBA, Ph.D candidate for hosting the webinar and wonderful introduction and Marcus Wiemann for an introduction to the core of EU Tech.

Stay tuned for our next webinar on June 07th, 2022, about “The Future of the Smart Cities” and follow us on the Smart Cities Alliance page:

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