Technology Obliges

September 12, 2023 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

sustainable Manufacturing Alliance – Automated Calculations of Product Carbon Footprints

In today’s fast-paced world, sustainability is non-negotiable. Businesses and individuals alike are eager to reduce their carbon footprint, but the process has traditionally been complex and resource intensive.

To address this topic, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Manufacturing Alliance organised a webinar on September 12, 2023. The topic under discussion was, “Automated Calculations of Product Carbon Footprints”.
The webinar started off with a short overview of the organization and a formal introduction of the panellists by Mr. Mohsin Raza, Manufacturing Alliance Coordinator at EUTECH.

The speakers for today’s webinar were:
· Dr. Melania Gómez Martínez R&D&I Project Manager at Cadel Recycling Lab
Dr. Salma Halioui, Sustainability Manager at BASF.

In the webinar, Melania emphasized a notable shift in priorities within the sustainability landscape. She highlighted that the focus is evolving from the mere act of recycling to a more comprehensive approach that includes sorting, circular economy models, and sustainability measures. Melania underlined the pivotal role of calculating one’s carbon footprint, stressing that it serves as a critical metric in the journey toward environmental responsibility.

Dr. Salma, on the other hand, delved into the specific relevance of the carbon footprint concept within the context of real estate. She shed light on how the real estate industry contributes to carbon emissions and discussed the various ways in which this issue can be addressed. Her insights provided valuable guidance for professionals seeking to navigate the sustainability landscape in the real estate sector, acknowledging the importance of innovative approaches and collaborative efforts to meet environmental goals.

We want to thank our respected speakers for their informed insights. Moreover, #EUTECH Custom Tree-Certificates were distributed to the Speaker & panellists.

Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – for your comments, compliments, attendance, and unwavering commitment to sustainable world. Stay tuned for our next Manufacturing Alliance Networking meeting on for open mic Q&A session!