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July 11, 2023 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

sustainable Manufacturing Alliance – How to Help Industry to Decarbonize / Reach Carbon Neutral

Manufacturers are becoming more aware of the crucial importance of technology in successfully implementing ESG initiatives as the business landscape continues to evolve. Through the utilization of cutting-edge solutions, companies can attain higher levels of sustainability, strengthen their social responsibility, and make a significant contribution to the environment.

To address this topic, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Manufacturing Alliance organized a webinar on July 11, 2023. The topic under discussion was, “How to Help Industry to Decarbonize/Reach Carbon Neutral?”

The webinar started off with a short overview of the organization and a formal introduction of the panellists by Ms. Sammi Fu Bo, Advocacy Manager at EU Tech Chamber.

The speakers for today’s webinar were:

·        Mr. Arseny Tarasov, Global CEO of HiPer it!,

·        Ms. Vera Meinert, Innovation Lead at Positive Thinking Company, and

·        Mr. Qahtan Thabit, Renewable Energy Consultant at the University Rostock.

During the webinar, carbon neutrality was discussed as a current and common goal amongst many, specifically within the manufacturing and real estate industries. The focus on attaining energy efficiency recognised ‘consuming less’ as a key approach, whereby the secondary method would be related to replacing primary fossil fuels with ‘recycling and re-usage of waste energy.’ They emphasized the significance of integrating these two methodologies to enhance overall efficiency in these sectors.

Furthermore, the webinar shed light on the importance of investments in this goal. As countries and industries strive to reduce their carbon footprints, investments in renewable energy, clean technologies, and sustainable practices become increasingly important. Energy convergence was also highlighted, such as by ensuring grid resilience, driving technological innovation and economic growth, improving energy security, and realizing environmental benefit. This enables the optimization and integration of diverse energy systems and technologies.

We want to thank our respected speakers for their informed insights on this. Moreover, special thanks to Ms. Sammi Fu Bo for moderating the webinar and distributing Tree-Certificates to the panelists.

Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – for your comments, compliments, and attendance. Stay tuned for our next Manufacturing Alliance webinar!
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