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June 28, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Women in Tech Alliance – Women in Creative Industries

On Tuesday 28th June 2022, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Women in Tech Alliance held a successful Digital Talk on the topic “Women in Creative Industries.”

Rana Ozseker officiated the webinar with her warm welcome followed by a comprehensive introduction to the core of the mission and vision of the EU Tech Chamber by María Alejandra Pulido, Director of EUTECH Latin America Alliance. Moderated by Svetlana Nyameyo, Africa Alliance Coordinator (EUTECH) the webinar discussed the need to promote dynamic creative industrial sector, which will generate new jobs while simultaneously empowering women entrepreneurs.

Indulging into the topic, speaker Beatrice Bischof, Dr., MD StarClimber, highlighted the definition of creative industries, “The term creative industries expands the concept of cultural industries, which was in former times used. It includes industries from architecture to publishing and the new thing is that it now includes industries of software gaming and advertising… The cultural and creative industry sector is a growing sector; it is second to the car automotive machine industry.”

Speaker Patience Chindong, Co-Founder/CEO EuroAfri Link, brings forth major reasons why women are not into working in creative industries, “I personally think it is because of the beliefs and the questions that women actually do ask themselves. Beliefs like, for example, I don’t have the money to start, I don’t think I will succeed, I’m just a woman, I’m just a housewife, I have not been to school, my English is not perfect — all these are negative beliefs.”

Lastly while talking about the challenges faced by the women in the creative industry speaker Comfort B Smithson, Founder Letasi Design Studio, stated, “people generally think about the creative industry as being just something for fun; you are not a doctor, you’re not an IT person, you’re not a computer person. But a career in creativity is just as important as any other job because it is a system; it is like yin yang, where one cannot exist without another.”

Answering many comments and questions, the webinar unbridled a lot of information on how creative industries provide a platform to support the sustained empowerment of women. It revealed that self-belief is critical to strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of women in creative industries so that they can actively take part in economic activities.

EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) extends the deepest appreciation to our speaker for their knowledgeable insights. We would also like to thank all attendees who follow us on our mission to build bridges by leveraging technology for the benefit of Europe and mankind. It was indeed a pleasure to have you!

Stay tuned for up-and-coming events and activities by EU Tech Chamber Women in Tech Alliance.

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