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Technology Obliges

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The European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) is a registered not-for-profit organization on a mission to enable European businesses to use technology for the benefit of Europe and humanity. EUTECH is committed to bringing people and organizations together who share a vision for building our collective future: Leveraging technology to enable solutions for some of our most fundamental issues, fostering social responsibility to empower citizens, and protecting our environment to provide sustainable ecosystems.

Florian von Tucher

Chairman EU Tech Chamber

The European Technology Chamber is a registered Not-for-profit which enables European businesses to benefit Europe and mankind through their technologies. We bridge executives’ efforts to share their expertise and knowledge on a single platform. Being true to our vision “Technology Obliges”.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering global technology firms, focusing on European expansion and competitiveness. We foster constructive dialogues among tech experts to devise innovative solutions for UN Sustainable Development Goals. As members, or “Partners”, individuals and companies benefit from valuable networking and promotion of technological breakthroughs, contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Vision

Technology Obliges.
What that means:
“Technology Obliges” envisions a future where technological advancements carry a profound responsibility. It embodies a commitment to harness innovation for the betterment of society, obliging us to create solutions that address pressing challenges. This vision inspires a world where technology is a force for positive transformation, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Our 3 Pillars

Innovation, Sustainability, Cooperation stand as the core pillars shaping the principles, values, and identity of EUTECH.


Innovation propels our commitment to pioneering advancements, pushing the boundaries of technology, and maintaining leadership in the evolving landscape.


Sustainability underscores our dedication to making a positive and enduring impact on both the environment and society, emphasizing responsible practices that align with the global Sustainable Development Goals.


Cooperation is ingrained in our ethos, reflecting the belief that collaborative partnerships transcend boundaries, bringing diverse perspectives together to address complex challenges. These pillars collectively define EUTECH’s mission, steering us towards a future where cutting-edge innovation, environmental stewardship, and collaborative synergy converge to create a sustainable and impactful world.


The EU Tech Chamber Bodies consist of experienced professionals who offer guidance on operational direction and global business strategies. They play a crucial role in establishing operational frameworks and supporting the pursuit of sustainable development goals worldwide.
florian-opt-e1669107277626 (1)

Florian Von Tucher

Chairman EU Tech Chamber | Chairman Tucher Group | Chairman M&P Group

sieera-e1669106763896 (1)

Sierra Von Tucher

Executive Board Member EU Tech Chamber | Chairwoman HuanDe China EU Future City

Javier-e1669883796543 (2)

Javier Lopez

Executive Board Member EU Tech Chamber | Managing Director Euro Sino Invest

Our partners drive sustainable change through events, initiatives, and publications.
We offer a unique digital and hybrid event platform with a comprehensive, interactive, and productive experience.

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