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About Networking Opportunity

With a robust network of over 1,800 partners, EUTECH offers unparalleled networking possibilities through technology, empowering partners to expand their connections. Our commitment is to precisely match you with the people and expertise necessary to achieve your goals.

Partners benefit from the extensive networking opportunities:

Senators Roundtable

Senators of the European Chamber of Technology are senior executives of European companies, with the dual responsibility of being appointed senators as well, who gather periodically to discuss issues and matters faced by Europe, giving their solutions for better implementation.

Virtual Exhibitions & Seminars

In addition to organizing speaker sessions with exhibitors and industry experts, they may host seminars on the ever-evolving world of tech while also networking with other like-minded people and setting up exhibits.

Speakers Database Access

A database with over 1000 speakers that is constantly linked to previous events in which they appeared. Additionally, speakers are included in the matching tool after the event with their company profile for individuals to connect with.

Networking Events +200 Per Year

Increase your network of the relevant connections and exchange ideas on projects with unique access to EU Tenders and worldwide funding in dedicated networking events.

Virtual Networking Areas for Companies

To boost the scalability and flexibility of the businesses, we provide business leaders and remote workers with the chance to learn about the future of work from thought leaders in the remote workplace.

Ai - Matchmaking Search Tool

With the help of smart tags tech forum has the possibility to run through the publicly available data about a specific individual or a company with its algorithm and match each profile to a standard of smart tags.