Technology Obliges

June 15, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Africa Alliance – Boosting the Africa Agenda with IoT and Data Science

With over +145 registrants, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Africa Alliance held a successful ´Meet the Experts – Digital Talk´ on the topic “Boosting the Africa Agenda with IoT and Data Science” on 15th June, 2022.

Marcus Wiemann, Director of Strategic Partnerships, officiated with a warm welcome at the webinar, followed by his comprehensive introduction to the core of the mission and vision of the EU Tech Chamber. The session was moderated by Svetlana Nyameyo, Coordinator Africa Alliance.

Taking a deep dive into ways to exploit the potential of IoT and Data Science by sharing best practices and innovative solutions to meet Africa’s local demands, the panelist Evelyn Ngatia, Founder and CEO of TechaWatt (Kenya), stated, “Data is very key for 4th Industrial revolution across the sectors.”

While Anton Driz, Emergency IT Expert at (Israel) unleashed major challenges in digital transformation and said, “We need to see how to strengthen the technical capacity, in any area we work in.”
Talking about the future of tech in Africa, Shukuru Amos, Founder of Tanzalite (Tanzania), revealed, “Africa’s internet economy is expected to reach 180 Billion dollars in 2025.”

Lastly, the webinar concluded with Jörg TUCHEN, the CEO of Go.Blue.Now presenting the tree certificates, pledging the planting of more trees towards Climate Zero Action, as appreciation to each panellist.

Answering many comments and questions, the webinar unbridled a lot of information with a major takeaway that to make Africa achieve #Agenda2030 with data tracking and impacting, we need to bridge IoT and Data Science skills gap, infrastructure, and Big Data investment in Africa. If businesses desire to tap into Africa’s growing internet economy, they must embrace data.

EU Tech Chamber extends the deepest appreciation to our panelist for their knowledgeable insights. We would also like to thank all attendees who follow our mission to build bridges by leveraging technology for the benefit of Europe and mankind. It was indeed a pleasure to have you!

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