Technology Obliges

December 16, 2022 (CET) @ 9:00 AM

DACH Alliance -Technologietrends in DACH REGION 2023

In the last webinar, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) DACH Alliance discussed the topic ”Technology Trends in the DACH Region 2023”.

Many thanks to our speakers Rainer BachmannBjörn ZeienBernd MattnerSerdar Yucel and Henning vom Stein, as well as our moderator Benedikt Grütz.

The panelists talked about various technology trends in the energy, health and mobility sectors. Some of these had already been integrated into the position paper presented in November 2022 during a delegation trip to Prague on the occasion of the EU Council Presidency.

The right use of modern technology in a globally collaborative context is very important. Integrated energy should be used to solve the energy problem in Europe. We need to work on and improve the user experience in the technology-related sector.

This was a final webinar of the EUTECH DACH Alliance. Next year, EUTECH will organise more hybrid events in the DACH region together with the European Senate, so the work of the DACH Alliance will be reflected in these meetings. More information will of course be made available to you next year.

Thank you to all panelists and participants for attending our webinar. The entire team of EUTECH and the European Senate of Economy and Technology wishes you all a blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2023.

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