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May 5, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Energy Alliance – Making Mobility the key SDG Performer with Clean Energy Tech

We were glad to see with ca. 130 registrants so high interest in our Energy Alliance ´Meet the Experts´ – Digital Talk on “Making Mobility the Key SDG Performer with Clean Energy” which was dedicated to the issue of integrating modern technologies of the energy sector into other sectors of the economy. The development of Power-to-X technologies is a solution to the problem of combining different economic sectors.  This means conversion of electricity into other types of energy, such as heat energy. Exactly this is an element of mobility and interaction of SDGs trough the energy. By increasing the efficiency of energy conversion and acting as a link between mobility, chemical, waste recycling and other industries. Power-to-X technologies open new horizons in renewable energy. Disparate elements in these areas need to be combined into an integrated environmentally friendly and at the same time reliable system.

Key takeaways: This webinar was devoted to sharing first-hand insights on the opportunities for achieving sustainable modernization in other sectors of economy with advanced energy technologies from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. If done successfully, the bears the chance to empower sustainable growth locally as well for reducing Europe´s energy dependence from foreign markets. The Energy Alliance is there to create fair conditions for sustainable solutions as well as getting of new business opportunities!

Sincere thanks to Marcus Wiemann our Director Partnerships & Institutional Cooperation EU Tech Chamber, Benedikt Grütz – Vice-President of European Senate, our moderator Dr. Igor V. Gladkov GLADKOV – Energy Alliance Coordinator EU Tech Chamber, and Key Speakers Dr. Thomas WALTER – Managing Director Easy Smart Grid GmbH (Germany), Fatimah Zarah YUSUF – (CEO Energy and Environment Projects, Nigeria), Thomas DAMANI – (Energy Alliance EU Tech Chamber, Jamaica).

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