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July 27, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Finance Alliance – Startup Opportunities in Debelux

On Wednesday 27th July 2022, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Finance Alliance held an informative Digital Talk on the topic “Startup Opportunities in Debelux.”

The webinar was moderated by Marcus Wiemann, EUTECH Director Partnerships & Institutional Relations. He began the webinar with a warm welcome speech and introduced the speakers.

Then Serdar Yucel, Director of Mobility Alliance at EUTECH introduced the vision and services of EU Tech Chamber to the panelists.

The webinar offered an insightful discussion about how entering the market in a new country requires a lot of time and effort. The experts at this webinar talked about the huge opportunities for startups in Debelux.

Indulging into the discussion, panelist Daniel Gusev, VC and Entrepreneur in fintech, shared some interesting insights while saying, “ my point is…by setting up a company you need to think about that how would you attract customers and how would you defend your strategy in the eyes of the investors…start-up opportunities in Debelux, we can use the advantages that national economists of the region themselves possess to try to understand what strategic opportunity would it give to you in the current environment…say of the combined western democracy.”

While panelist Matteo Lehmann, MSc FinTech at the University of Edinburgh, bonificated the audience with his insights. He answered a question, “the region (Debelux) has massive opportunities and massive advantages for the ones that have already planned start-ups ecosystem when you look at start-ups clusters and I think this network has good access to capital and investors, and these are the huge advantages and ease to expand to world markets.”

Panelist Nanditha Prakash, FinTech Research Analyst at FinTech Global discussed the opportunities for the start-ups while expressing her insights, “ things changed after the pandemic, so everything is going digital now and we need faster and better solutions for whatever we do in day-to-day life. And if we look at the finance sector, we are moving towards cashless economy so in that sense we have a lot of scope for star-ups to emerge with the help of established government like the developed countries like Debelux, there are huge opportunities for new start-ups.”

The webinar concluded with the distribution of Tree-certificates to the webinars´ panelist by Jörg Tuchen, CEO Go.Blue.Now, appreciating their active participation.

EU Tech Chamber extends the deepest appreciation to our speakers for sharing their knowledgeable insights. We would also like to thank all attendees who follow us on our mission to build bridges by leveraging technology for the benefit of Europe and mankind. It was indeed a pleasure to have you with us!

Stay tuned for the next webinar by EU Tech Chamber Finance Alliance on August 24, 2022.

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