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July 22, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

IoT Alliance – Cyber Security: the Next Step to a Sustainable IoT World

On Friday 22nd July 2022, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) IoT Alliance held a successful Digital Talk on the topic “Cyber Security: The Next Step to a Sustainable IoT World.”

The webinar was moderated by Marcus Wiemann, EUTECH Director Partnerships & Institutional Relations. He began the webinar with a warm welcome speech and introduced the honorable speakers: Stephan Schwichtenberg,CEO at pi-lar GmbH, Richard Jones, IoT Solution Architect, and Luis Vale, Founder &CEO DigitalALL 360. Then Nedzad Piric, MBA, Ph.D candidate , Director of EUTECH Smart Cities Alliance, presented a brief introduction of the EUTECH chamber.

In this one-hour webinar the experts enclosed all the pros and cons of IoT. They discussed the need for planning and action at every company connected to the Internet. Among its predictions are some scary concerns for contractors and businesses in general.

They also talked about the lack of consensus around consumer IoT protection standards have raised concerns about security, privacy, interoperability, and equity.

The experts at the webinar explored the idea of a multistakeholder coalition that worked together to agree on IoT security requirements for consumer-facing devices. The speakers discussed how to maximize the positive benefits, and minimize harm, for all of society.

Panelist Stephan Schwichtenberg, shared some interesting data from the pandemic days and told us why enterprises need C-S Mesh. “Cyber Security Mesh is the most practical and affordable approach for dealing with cyber threats in an enterprise-level organization,” he said. He further bonificated the audience with his knowledgeable insights and informed us about the industrial IoT when stating “We had the chance to test our approach on the Fed4Fire testbed and scaled up to more than 2000 nodes. We are currently working on our findings and improvements, and then looking to scale up to higher numbers.”

Richard Jones also added his tremendous intuitions to this digital talk and said “thinking about sustainability…specifically one of the big drivers behind any IoT or connected system project is of course sustainability because the number of organizations has customers who want to buy from companies that respect sustainability.”

While panelist Luis Vale gave some important bits of advice to small organizations to take security measures in the digital era when saying “I think there are two areas typically what we tell clients that start small and make it sure that you have progressive and key-level plan because eventually, you are going to get super high-end platform for security.”

The webinar concluded with the distribution of Tree-certificates to the webinars´ panelist by Jörg Tuchen,CEO Go.Blue.Now, appreciating their active participation.

Stay tuned for the next webinar by EU Tech Chamber IoT Alliance on August 19, 2022.

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