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September 23, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

IoT Alliance –Predictive Maintenance with the IoT

EU Tech Chamber IoT Alliance held one more enlightening webinar on Sep 23, 2022. The topic of this digital talk was, “Predictive Maintenance with the IoT”

Joyce Mariel-Coordinator EU Tech Chamber, was the moderator of this webinar. She welcomed the distinguished speakers: Dr. Benjamin Adrian – Fraunhofer Institute, Dr. Tejo Chalasani – CEO & Co-founder of Utpatti and Anastasios (Tas) Papakonstantinou – Business Development Expert.

All the panelists shared their valuable insights on this topic and answered many interesting questions asked by the moderator and attendees of this webinar.

Our keynote speakers Dr. Benjamin came up with his interesting presentation about the monitoring machines at different operating points. He said data and prior knowledge are decisive for state-based machine monitoring.

Anastasios (Tas) Papakonstantinou shared his valuable thoughts while saying, predictive maintenance in factories can reduce over all cost by 12%, improve uptime by 9%, reduce safety, health, environment and quality risk by 14% and extend the lifetime of an aging asset by 20%.

Dr. Tejo Chalasani also voiced his understanding on predictive maintenance with the IoT connecting the real and digital world.

Promoted by The EU Tech Chamber and the IoT Alliance, this Digital Talk intended to show the current possibilities and give an outlook on what will be possible in the future with the help of IoT.

Biggest thanks to our honorable speakers: Dr. Benjamin Adrian, Dr. Tejo Chalasani and Anastasios Papakonstantinou for your informed insights and reflections on this conclusive topic to our panelists. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our upcoming networking meeting.

Thank you, Joyce Mariel, for moderating the event and for presenting Tree Certificates to our speakers.

Most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, compliments, and questions.

Stay tuned for our next IoT Alliance Panel on October 21, about “Evolution of 5G Technologies”

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