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September 6, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Smart Cities Alliance –The Role of 5G in Smart Cities

EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Alliance held an informative webinar on Sep 6, 2022. The topic of this digital talk was, “The Role of 5G in Smart Cities”

All the speakers shared their great insights on this important and excited topic and let their audience know the new applications of 5G in the construction of smart cities. Within this discussion, the speakers discussed, 5G will intensely influence economies and societies as it will offer the essential communication set-up required by various smart city applications.

The Speakers in the webinar mentioned the power of 5G that enables new kind of communication network which connects everyone and everything.

During his presentation, our keynote speaker, Mika Skarp- Senior Product Manager at Cumucore briefly introduced 5G as a business for both public and non-public networks. He said, the public network runs 5G for consumers, focusing on enhanced mobile broadband service, network slicing as an opportunity and massive internet of things.

Panelist, Aleksandar Mastilovic-Telecommunications Expert and Josephine Magnani-Senior Client Partner at Verizon also shared their valuable insights and answered to many burning questions of the audience. The panelists said 5G technology has a number of features which will positively impact digital experiences and smart cities. In addition to a higher speed to upload and download data, it ensures very short latency times and the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Promoted by The EU Tech Chamber and the Smart Cities Alliance, this Digital Talk aimed to analyze how 5G moves the construction of smart cities from the theoretical to the practical and paves the way for the development and deployment of new applications ranging from monitoring to emergency response.

Biggest thanks to our speakers for sharing your informed insights and reflections on these decisive topics, with our panelists. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Digital talks.

Thank you Nedzad Piric- Director of Smart Cities Alliance for moderating the event and for presenting Tree Certificates to our speakers.

Most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, compliments, and questions.

Stay tuned for our next Smart Cities Alliance Panel on October 4, about
“The Challenges of Implementing Smart Infrastructure in Cities”

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