Technology Obliges

December 13, 2022 (CET) @ 9:00 AM

sustainable Manufacturing Alliance – Web3 and Block Chain Technologies: Opportunities for Manufacturing

The word ‘Web3’ has entered common usage, but there remain different ways of conceptualizing and defining it.

Along with introducing native digital payments to Web3, digital assets may be utilized as tokens in digital economic systems to complete a variety of other activities.

To discuss the vision of Web3 as the next step toward a better internet and what it can do for manufacturing, EU Tech Chamber  Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance held a successful webinar on 13 Dec 2022. The topic of this digital talk was, “Web3 and Block Chain Technologies: Opportunities for Manufacturing”

Within this discussion, the speakers discussed the Web3 is an evolution of the current internet not a replacement.

The speakers at the webinar also mentioned a few use cases examples of Web3 that how it can impact industrial and manufacturing operations and monitoring supply chain to increase transparency, material sourcing and spotting fakes, long term and complicated product engineering design, identity management, monitoring assets, assurance of quality and adherence to regulations.

The panelists also shared experiences and best-practices how leverage these technologies to relieve the factory’s pain points and what are its challenges.

Promoted by The EU Tech Chamber and the Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance, this Digital Talk aimed to show that Blockchain and Web3 technologies are booming, and these technologies are becoming more prevalent in manufacturing, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product.

Biggest thanks to our keynote speaker: Remko Poierrie-Managing partner of Metascape Labs and other panelists: Olinga Taeed -Expert Advisor to Chines Ministry of Commerce, Phanos Hadjikyriakou– Co-founders and CEO of 2050 Materials and Dr. Christina Yan Zhang – CEO the Metaverse Institute, for sharing their informed insights and reflections on these crucial topics, with our audience. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Digital talks.

Thank you, Judith Yong– Coordinator EU Tech Chamber, for moderating the event and presenting Tree Certificates to our speakers.

Most of all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comment, compliments, and questions.

Stay tuned for our next Energy Alliance Panel on 10 January 2023 about
“Industry 5.0: Era of Intelligent, Green and Human-Centric”

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