Technology Obliges

March 28, 2023 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

WIT Alliance – Scaling Employment for WiT through Digital Technology”

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Women in Tech (WiT) Alliance webinar on “Scaling Employment for WiT Through Digital Technology” started off with an introductory note and a short overview of the organization.

The event was moderated by Ms. Svetlana Nyameyo, an EUTECH coordinator, who gave a brief overview of today’s topic and a formal introduction of the distinguished panelists.

The panelists for today’s webinar were:
·        Ms. Valeria A., Co-lead at The Berlin Chapter of Women in Blockchain Talks,
·        Ms. Elisabeth Kusiima, Digital Entrepreneur & Content Creator,
·        Ms. Jitka Markova, Digital Consultant & Start- Up Mentor.

While addressing the webinar, the speakers discussed the challenges that hinder the scaling of women’s employment in the technology industry. These obstacles included the slow growth of influencer marketing in Uganda, making it challenging for brands to see the value of the industry.

Additionally, creating content was seen as an expensive task, and the rapidly changing algorithms made it difficult to maintain established communities. Lastly, access to fast and affordable internet was deemed crucial to thriving in the digital space.

The panelists suggested several ways to overcome the challenges faced by women in the technology industry. These include creating awareness about the industry’s value, seeking funding from donors for women in content creation, monetizing knowledge, experimenting with new approaches, and staying up to date with technology and algorithms to optimize content for different platforms and devices.

We want to thank our experienced speakers for their valuable contribution. Moreover, special thanks to Ms. Svetlana Nyameyo for moderating the webinar and distributing Tree-Certificates to the panelists.

Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comments, compliments, and questions. Stay tuned for our next WiT Alliance webinar on April 25, 2023, about “AI Language Models for Women in Tech”.

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