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July 26, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

WIT Alliance -Women in Technology

On Tuesday 26th July 2022, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) WIT Alliance held a thriving Digital Talk on the topic “Women in Technology.”

The webinar was moderated by Svetlana Nyameyo – Coordinator – EU Tech Chamber. Beatrice Bischof, Dr. – WiT Board Member, passed warm welcome remarks and introduced the honorable speakers:
While María Alejandra Pulido – Director – Environment and LATAM Alliance, presented a brief introduction of the EUTECH chamber.

In this one-hour webinar, the experts enclosed all the aspects of different roles played by women in technology transformation. They discussed the importance of women in tech can span far and wide. They also explored a few of the ways that adding women to the IT workforce can help organizations be better equipped to achieve their goals.

Panelist Cristie Z.– Founder/Managing Director at RÉSO Communications, shared her insights and presented the role of Chinese women in the tech sector. “Chinese women working on forefront in tech believe more could be done to create a favorable environment to encourage more female talents to start in tech and empower those who have already chosen this rewarding career.” She spoke.

Yacine Samb (she/her) – Senior Diversity Specialist, Race Equity, EMEA at Google, also added her tremendous intuitions to this digital talk and said- “we have observed +34% more profits in companies with higher representation of women on senior positions and +35% more ROI in private tech companies led by women.”

Virginia Mijes Martin – Thought Leader, shared what the history of women in technology has shown us and what the current scenario is. “Cooperation and collaboration for women’s inclusivity are essential to enhance economic diversification.”

While panelist Pindiwe Filtane – Founder and Managing Director – Mbasane Women in IT, represented the role of her organization in the field of technology as a founder of her organization. “What I believe is need for inclusion of women…inclusion means women must be recruited in leadership, women need to be recognized and accomplished- and we need for a joint effort in closing skills’ gap.” She emphasized.

The webinar concluded that more roles being filled by females in technology leads to better organizational outcomes. Job growth for women in tech could mean women are:
·        More likely to influence their company and its culture.
·        Better able to represent women and their needs as a consumer.

At the end of the webinar the panelists were awarded with Tree-Certificates by  Svetlana Nyameyo, appreciating their active participation.

EU Tech Chamber extends the deepest appreciation to our speakers for their knowledgeable insights.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and activities by EU Tech Chamber WIT Alliance on August 23, 2022

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