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About Visions for EURope

“Visions for Europe” stands as a pivotal initiative, reflecting a progressive perspective on European technology. It underscores a dedication to innovation, sustainability, and shaping the digital future of Europe. This concept is evident through its focus on cutting-edge technological developments and strategic insights that are shaping the continent’s tech landscape.

Pioneering The Path:

“Visions for Europe” embodies the visionary ethos of tech leadership, illustrating a commitment to advancing technology at the forefront of Europe’s development. It represents strategic insights and innovative approaches crucial for the tech sector’s progress.

Technological Milestones:

The magazine offers in-depth coverage of cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Each edition delves into the latest advancements, featuring topics that shape the European tech industry, from AI breakthroughs to sustainable tech solutions.

A Lighthouse for Leadership:

Acting as a guiding light in the tech community, this initiative unites visionary minds, fostering environments that drive technological and societal advancement.

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Advancing Europe's Tech Vision
It represents the essence of technological progress within Europe. It highlights a strategic, premium approach to tech development, emphasizing commitment and forward-thinking that drives the European tech sector.
Innovating for Societal Impact
This theme underscores the role of creativity in technology, showcasing innovative and transformative solutions. It's about tech advancements that positively influence society, reflecting a commitment to impactful change.
Leading Tech with Innovation
This subject effectively addresses current technological challenges, blending speed with quality. It's essential for maintaining Europe's leadership in the global tech arena, showcasing agility and excellence in tech solutions.


Q3/2023 (english)

  • Uncover ESG’s impact in our introductory articles.
  • Experience EUTECH ESG, your sustainable solution.
  • Best ESG practices for a brighter future.


Q3/2023 (german)

  • Entdecken Sie die Auswirkungen von ESG in unseren einführenden Artikeln.
  • Erleben Sie EUTECH ESG, Ihre nachhaltige Lösung.
  • Beste ESG-Praktiken für eine bessere Zukunft.


Q2/2023 (english)

  • Discover our SDG special edition, showcasing interviews with EUTECH SDG Award winners.
  • Uncover the secrets behind their remarkable achievements in driving sustainable development goals.
  • Get inspired by visionary individuals shaping a brighter future.


Q2/2023 (german)

  • Entdecken Sie unsere SDG-Sonderausgabe mit Interviews der Gewinner des EUTECH SDG Awards.
  • Erfahren Sie die Geheimnisse hinter ihren bemerkenswerten Leistungen zur Förderung der nachhaltigen Entwicklungsziele.
  • Lassen Sie sich von visionären Persönlichkeiten inspirieren, die eine bessere Zukunft gestalten.


Q1/2023 (english)

This 1st edition of 2023 includes some amazing articles and interview: 

  • Will the hybrid events be the future of events? 

  • Inside story of delegation trips of the EU Senate by Benedikt Grütz- Vice President EU Senate of Economy

  • CEO toom Baumarkt gives a review of the past year.

  • Learn much more about technology, sustainability and markets growth in this edition


Q1/2023 (german)

Diese 1. Ausgabe von 2023 enthält einige interessante Artikel und Interviews:

  • Werden hybride Veranstaltungen die Zukunft der Events sein?

  • Einblicke in die Delegationsreisen des EU-Senats von Benedikt Grütz- Vizepräsident des EU-Wirtschaftssenats

  • CEO toom Baumarkt gibt einen Rückblick auf das vergangene Jahr.

  • Erfahren Sie mehr über Technologie, Nachhaltigkeit und Marktwachstum