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We would like to welcome “Technology For Impact” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Technology for Impact is a next-generation management consulting firm with proven experience helping organizations navigate the existential challenges of stakeholder, sustainability and net-zero transformation. Technology for Impact is led by polymath Ariana Gómez, in coordination with a global cadre of senior consultants and subject-matter experts.

They support organizations throughout their transition process by harnessing the power of impact strategy, advanced social and environmental sciences, philosophy, sustainable innovation, future foresight and exponential technologies.

Its Signature Programs includes:


One size consulting doesn’t fit all. It taps global experts to meet the unique needs of its clients. It also offers signature programs to jumpstart your stakeholder, sustainability and net-zero transformation:

Sustainability and Net-zero Leadership Program

The world needs responsible organizations to create positive environmental change. But it’s not a simple thing to do, especially when markets rely heavily on fossil fuels and other inequitable systems of wealth extraction. Technology for Impact created this program to help you navigate this transition.

Build a thriving future despite growing market uncertainty.

Learn all about cutting edge sustainable and climate positive concepts, initiatives and models. From circular economy to stakeholder capitalism to sustainable economics; from regenerative agriculture to impact investing and ESGDs; this bespoke program will empower responsible leaders with all the knowledge and plug&play tools they need to build and lead successful companies for the benefit of progress, people and planet.

Stakeholder Transition Process

The clock is ticking down towards greater climate and social disruptions, but knowing the needs of all your stakeholders leads to resilient collaborations and profit. Together, powered by the best that humanity, science and technology have to offer, you can unlock new revenue streams in caring for your communities and the planet. 

Chart a path to successful collaborations with people and the planet.

Through its 7 step transition process, you and your organization will move from a shareholder- to a stakeholder vision, strategy, business model and mentality. New sustainable revenue streams will be unlocked and you will be armed with the necessary tools to successfully implement and maintain the transformation all across your company and for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Read more about this exciting company on: Technology For Impact – #LeadTheFuture 🌎

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