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We would like to welcome “Exonicus” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Trauma management skills are highly vital for any and every person working in the medical sector. Although conventional learning methods are effective, they are often prohibitive due to their cost and lack of audiovisual feedback and stimuli.

Exonicus is a Latvian start-up specializing in creating VR simulation scenarios for practicing trauma management skills. By cooperating with medical professionals across Europe and USA, Exonicus can provide highly realistic training solutions to doctors across the globe.

Exonicus has recently won a contract with the Latvian Ministry of Defense and the developer for a contract with the US Department of Defense. This proves that the product is highly developed and desired within the B2G sphere. Trauma Simulator, Exonicus‘ main product, is already in the final stages of development, with several exciting new functions, including multi-player, multiple-patient-treatment, and the possibility to customize individual scenarios.

The staff of Exonicus consists of talented software developers, who, by cooperating with professionals of military and academic background, are creating the next in trauma management education. This technology platform provides real-life simulated training, enabling military and civilian medical personnel training, just like a flight simulator for pilots-in-training.

Exonicus is creating the next big thing in medical education, and be sure not to miss out!

For more details, please check:
@ Exonicus 

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