Technology Obliges

April 19, 2023 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Africa Alliance- Accelerating E-Mobility Growth in Africa

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Africa Alliance webinar on “Accelerating E-Mobility Growth in Africa” started off with a short overview of the organization and a formal introduction of the panelists by our moderator, Ms. Svetlana Nyameyo who is the coordinator of the Africa Alliance.

The two experienced panelists for today’s webinar were:
·        Mr. Yuma Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Dodai,
·        Mr. George Kwadwo Appiah, Co-founder & CEO of SolarTaxi.

During the webinar, the speakers emphasized the significance of e-mobility as a vital factor in promoting a sustainable transport sector in Africa. They discussed two key elements essential for the success of the e-mobility business: compliance with local laws and ensuring data privacy protection.

Moreover, the speakers highlighted the numerous advantages of promoting e-mobility businesses in Africa. In addition to creating employment opportunities, e-mobility can also provide a sustainable solution to protect the environment.

Overall, the webinar shed light on the importance of e-mobility for the African continent and highlighted its potential benefits. The speakers’ insights and perspectives were valuable and insightful in understanding the role of e-mobility in Africa’s sustainable development.

We want to thank our respectable speakers for their informed insights on this much-needed topic. Moreover, special thanks to Ms. Svetlana Nyameyo for moderating the webinar and distributing Tree-Certificates to the panelists.

Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comments, compliments, and questions. Stay tuned for our next Africa Alliance webinar on May 21, 2023, about “Insurance for Competitive Farming in Africa”.

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