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October 4, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Smart Cities Alliance – The Challenges of Implementing Smart Infrastructure in Cities

In today’s era, cities are massively adopting innovations and smart technologies. Smart city programmes have streamlined and improve city management systems around the world with the help of internet and information technology. However, along with the amazing benefits that smart cities bring, there are challenges as well.

To address this issue, the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Smart Cities Alliance organised a webinar on October 04, 2022. The topic under discussion was, “The challenges of implementing smart infrastructure in cities”.

The webinar started off with a short overview of the organization and a formal introduction of the three panelists by our moderator, Mr. Nedzad Piric, MBA, Ph.D who is also the Director of the Smart Cities Alliance.

The webinar started off with our first panelist, Mr. Nikola Maksimcuk, co-founder at City Gecko and head of sales at Telemax. Second in line was Mr. Gregory Engelbrecht, an entrepreneur and a smart infrastructure expert at Breda, Netherlands. The third speaker for today’s webinar was Mr. Bengt Olsson, a senior validation engineer and entrepreneur of xVentures Technologies.

While addressing the webinar, the speakers talked about the key challenges to scale-up and sustain the growth of this sector. They discussed the challenges for installation smart solutions and talked about ways to overcome them.

The major challenges discussed in the webinar were: old infrastructure, outdated electrical installations, non-adjusted laws and poor flow of information in city administrations.

The panelists emphasized on the importance of smart infrastructures and discussed smart solutions that should be implemented into the existing infrastructure. Understanding of the location, knowledge of local laws and educating and mentoring of decision-makers are some key factors that need to be addressed in order to solve the issue.

We want to thank to our respectable speakers for their informed insights on this much-needed topic. Thank you to Mr. Nedzad Piric for moderating the webinar and distributing Tree-Certificates to the panelists. Above all, sincere thanks to all our attendees – your comments, compliments, and questions.

Stay tuned for our next Smart Cities Alliance webinar on November 08, 2022.

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