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July 12, 2022 (CEST) @ 9:00 AM

Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance – Predictive Maintenance: How to Improve Production Processes

On Tuesday 12th July 2022, the EU Tech Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance held a successful Digital Talk on the topic “Predictive Maintenance: How to Improve Production Processes.”

Moderated by Federico Gonzalez de Aledo, Director of EU Tech Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance, the webinar indulged in an insightful discussion about how predictive maintenance is transforming the manufacturing environment for the better, by diminishing failures and downtime.

Panelist Tom Rombouts discussed that the purpose to improve the production process and uses technology should be focused on the problems faced by customers, “…we look with the customers into defining what is exactly are their problems, and how AI and technologies, can solve their problems. It is not solution or technology that is driving the innovation; it is really the need from the customers that should be put central.”

While talking about the biggest advantage of Predictive Maintenance panelist, Felix Kraft said, “I think the biggest advantage is obviously, is cost-effectiveness because downtimes can be reduced massively and therefore, maintenance cost could be lowered. In addition, you will increase your productivity on the other hand as well.”

Lastly, emphasizing how companies can ensure to run effective PDM programs, Ricardo Rubin stated, “you have to understand what you are addressing, what you want to achieve, that has to be the most important thing that you have clear, then based on that you need to do reverse-engineer a bit to answer what do I need to get there? Are you nurturing the right information, are you gathering the right data, and how do you access that data? Because there is a lot of groundwork that has to be done, before you start building the model, in order to actually benefit from the solution.”

Answering several questions, the webinar unbridled how unplanned downtime in just one machine in any manufacturing environment can cause delays that lead to unhappy customers, possible attrition of those customers to a competitor, and a direct hit to a company’s bottom line unleashing that predictive maintenance could really be a game-changer.

EU Tech Chamber extends the deepest appreciation to our speakers for their knowledgeable insights. We would also like to thank all attendees and advocates who follow us on our mission of #technologyobliges.

Stay tuned for the up-and-coming event by EU Tech Chamber Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance on 9th August 2022.

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